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Canine Training and Behaviour Certificate

Canine Training and Behaviour Certificate

1220 EUR

Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Certificate in Canine Training and Behaviours. This certificate, which is externally verified and been accredited 24 credits by OFQUAL, has been developed to provide detailed underpinning knowledge of Canine Care and Training

This Level 3 Certificate is right for you if you are already working with or want to work with dogs in a professional manner, want to expand your underpinning knowledge of the dog and achieve a recognised qualification, not only within the Canine Profession but one that is regulated by OFQUAL.


The course covers:
  • The evolution and domestication of the dog
  • The natural behaviour of wild canids and how this influences domestic dog behaviour
  • Natural ethology and communication of the dog
  • The dogs’ emotions and their implications
  • The principles of dog training, including classical and operant conditioning
  • Dog training equipment
  • How to design a successful training programme
  • How to develop training methods for dog handlers
  • How to plan and deliver, safe and effective group training sessions
  • How to deliver and evaluate short lectures
  • How people learn and our individual learning styles
  • How dogs learn and canine motivation